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TEPL India has gloriously risen to multiple outlets in all metropolitan and major cities of country in a span of last few years. Established since 2004, Timezone is now recognized as the one-stop interactive entertainment destination and a cherished- bonding over fun-place for millions nationwide.

At Timezone
We strive endlessly to keep delighting our patrons and their families. Fun is the first and the last word J It's all about joy, thrill, vibrancy, winning and bonding over games. Your kid and family are in safe hands and taken extra-special care of without being intimidated. You find superb arcade games, exciting rides, fabulous prizes and lots of smiles!!!Things are kept simple; Get a power card, load/reload money, keep playing... if need be, recharge It's a win-win situation; you play and win power tickets to claim great prizes You relive your childhood once again.
Store Location
Forth FL R-7
Contact number
+9133 - 6637 3437