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MODFURN Furniture
Since its inception in 2000, Modfurn Furniture has been believing in 'Customer Promise', delivering a positive and memorable experience for the Customer.

Over the past decade, the brand has come to stand for quality, durability, innovative designs and competitive pricing. It offers clients a one-stop solution with a host of design options for the entire house - the bedroom, living room, dining room and children's rooms, as well as office furniture. Apart from world-class imported furniture, the company believes in delivering unmatched service to the customer. With a strong network of retail outlets, it has positioned itself as the neighbourhood furniture store, offering world-class imported furniture to the ever growing home buyers of Kolkata.

The demand for imported furniture has skyrocketed over the past few years. Being an unorganized market segment, there are plenty of furniture dealers who promise imported products. The trick however is, to identify the best ones with top -notch quality. Modfurn extensively imports the best furniture from China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Quality control tops the priority list. The excellent team of professionals comprising seasoned craftsmen, designers, fabricators, quality inspectors, R&D experts and sales and marketing experts painstakingly ensure that the best looking, as well as the best quality items hit the showrooms. Since the home decor brand endeavours towards supplying a flawless range of furniture, it has to conform to several measures along the way, during the production process, including checking the raw material and the final shipment of the consignment, to ensure that it adheres to industrial standards and norms.

The furniture has immense appeal for those decorating their homes as it's trendy, elegant and comfortable. Over the years, the brand name Modfurn has created a reputation that makes customers seek it for their decor needs. The furniture, combining ethnic and contemporary designs, is a huge draw.

Moreover, Modfurn, being a customer-focused company, is sensitive to the client's needs, in terms of timely delivery, great after sales service and proper packaging. The focus is on building a positive customer experience, which involves services being tailor-made for their convenience in a cordial atmosphere. This ensures loyalty and ensures that customers come back again and again, for more.
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Third FL R-3
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+9133 - 6541 9322, 23